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Volunteering with the Club

Tabling in Pittsburgh
Courtesy Rachel Martin


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

There are numerous ways to volunteer with the Sierra Club. You can distribute literature and talk to your neighbors, find creative ways to protest pollution, lead a hike through the mountains or a paddle down one of our state's many rivers, or take a leadership role in our Chapter.

Two important things you can do from the comfort of your home are writing letters and making phone calls in support of environmental protection. If you're a member, you already receive Sierra, The Sylvanian and your Group newsletter, all of which include calls to action on environmental issues. You can also check out calls to action on National's Take Action webpage, which provides you with phone numbers, and street and email addresses for the public officials you can contact.

Writing letters to the editor with pro-environmental messages is another great way to reach thousands of people in your community from home.

If you want to get out and mingle, you can help us reach out to the general public by tabling at community events, knocking on doors, participating in public hearings, to asking strangers to sign petitions. Once you’ve participated in some of these public volunteer activities, you can contribute even more by leading them yourself and taking part in the planning and operation of your Group or the Pennsylvania Chapter. You can also volunteer to work on a committee, help plan fundraising activities, lead an outing, write stories or take photos for our Chapter and Group newsletters and webpages or help recruit volunteers.

Ready to get started?

Contact the Pennsylvania Chapter or your local Group or Committee leaders for more information.