Streams of conciousness

Pine Creek gorge

Courtesy Mark Schmerling


When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.

Benjamin Franklin

Turn on the tap, the water flows. With 326 million cubic miles of water on the planet, how could the well ever run dry? Just do the math. 97.2% of the supply is salt water. 2.4% of the rest is frozen in glaciers and icecaps. That leaves a mere 0.4% for thirsty humans, animals, and plants. We survive on a slim margin.

In Pennsylvania we are blessed with beautiful streams, yet acid from abandoned mines pollutes over 2,500 miles of them. Toxins leach into our aquifers. Inadequate wastewater systems allow raw sewage to flow into our rivers. Click on the links at right to find out how our state’s water supply has been seriously compromised and spotlight what some Pennsylvanians are doing to turn the tide.

To keep up-to-date with what our Chapter is doing to protect Pennsylvania’s waters, wetlands, and headwater streams, see our Water issues committee and newsletter page.