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Reduce your carbon footprint by using clean, renewable energy

The Clean Energy Action Team

Promoting the transition to clean and renewable energy is a key objective of the Sierra Club. Following are some programs and local initiatives that help can reduce our carbon footprint.

PA Solar Homes Program

Solar Homes

A residential solar system offers far better returns than CDs, is safer than the stock market, and shields you from the escalating cost of electricity. And most importantly, you help reduce carbon emissions by powering your home with solar!

The PA Solar Homes program is currently suspended. Watch this space for updates.


Not everyone has a roof suitable for solar panels, but you could invest in somebody elses rooftop solar system - and share in the rewards, both environmental and financial.

Read an article in the January 2013 issue of Sierra Club Insider or this article in Grist by Bill McKibben about a progressive program called Mosaic that proposes to create "community solar" installations.

Clean Energy Alley

Clean Energy Alley

Clean Energy Alley is a collection of clean and renewable energy vendors that participate in street fairs, music festivals, block parties, etc. Any gatherering that provides for vendors to work at tables to present their products or services.

The Clean Energy Action Team will coordinate these vendors and bring them as a group to your event. Look for the "Welcome to the Sierra Club's - Clean Energy Alley" banner at an event near you this summer. Contact Jim Wylie (jim.wylie@verizon.net) for further information.